Kidsworld: tourist in your own town for your life’s littles

One of the perks of being an educator is I get my summer (mostly) off. Last year I couldn’t handle this new-found freedom, so I filled my summer up with consulting work and sent my daughter off to a day camp.

While the day camp was fun for her (and consulting was great for me), my kids are only going to be little for a short time. So this year I took advice from a close friend and signed up for the Kidsworld Program. It’s perfect for parents wondering how to keep their kids (and themselves) entertained all summer, on a budget.

The summer pass (only $50) allows free admission to all the popular spots on a set calendar. The pass covers the child as well as one extra adult. The calendar is published well in advance and features a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

For parents (or grandparents) lucky enough to have the summer off, this program represents incredible savings. It’s a great way to hit all the local tourism attractions and some neat educational programs not generally open to the public.

But it’s also a great resource for tourism operators. What better way to reach a target audience than to let your guests ‘try before you buy’? Imagine the word-of-mouth generated by a happy parent sharing an experience through social media. And we know that sales promotion is great for filling slower times while being extremely trackable.

Did I mention it’s fun for families? In the last four days we’ve been to a trampoline park (pictured), took a 90-minute martial arts workshop, and explored the Museum of Anthropology. On Saturday my daughter will do an iRide BC safe cycling lesson. While some of the activities are ‘reservation’ and we’ve missed the coveted spots, I’ve already more than covered the cost of the pass and we have 7 weeks to go!

The summer 2017 passes are all sold out but parents and grandparents can purchase a Kidsworld pass for the school year.

So if you don’t hear from me in awhile, you know where I’ll be. The only drawback to sharing this program with my readers? I’m worried the fall passes will sell out.

See you in the Kidsworld!

This post is not sponsored content and I have not received compensation to review this program. 

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